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Expert Back Pain Management

Here at Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy Alan Coutts, Fiona Coutts, Rahul Nanda and Karin Stepputtis offer expert care and treatment of back pain and the management of chronic back pain.

This approach to prevention and rehabilitation has developed from experience and a strong scientific foundation to enable evidenced-based practice.

No two problematic backs (or patients ) are the same, suggesting that optimal intervention is different for each person.

Our Physio's use the Maitland method (proven pain relief) to manipulate and mobilise, as we care for the spine and its joints.

We also use the Mckenzie method which has proven its benefits and validity over the years.

Recent study results show that McKenzie exercises can decrease back pain within a week, and in some cases actually prevent back pain.

Long term results include reduced pain episodes and decreased severity of pain.

In addition the McGill method facilitates the building of the endurance muscles in our trunks....the total core...the true core of your body (not just those tummy muscles!).

This trunk endurance has to build for babies to sit , crawl , stand and then walk.......We as adults tend to lose this when we dont keep active enough...research has proven that sitting for long periods of time 'turns off' these endurance muscles.

Strength in your core or trunk muscles does not protect you from future back troubles.(Beiring-Sorenson,1984). On the other hand, Luoto and colleagues(1995)

have shown that muscular endurance is protective.


Sitting - Callaghan and Mcgill(2001b) suggest that no single ideal sitting posture exists; rather a variable posture is recommended as a strategy to minimise the risk of tissue overload. (However - if you have a problem - listen to your physio as they will tell you the best postion for you to heal your back)

 Changing lumbar sitting postures causes the migration of loads from one tissue to another.........and remember ....get up every 15 minutes and walk around....your body will thank you!!