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sports-musculoskeletal-physiotherapySports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy addresses sports injuries relating to muscles, ligaments, joints and nerve injuries.

At Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy we have two Physio's with their Masters specifically in Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.


Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy offer complete treatment for our patients including expert hydrotherapy.

lymphoedema-physical-therapy-treatmentDon't struggle with the burden of Lymphoedema on your own. Karin Stepputtis - our resident expert Accredited Lymphoedema Physiotherapist can help you manage Lymphoedema.


Do you expert chronic headaches or migraines?

Relief exists.

Contact Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy to get on track for recovery.

expert-sport-soft-tissue-massageSimple relief can often come from a simple expert soft tissue massage.



Understanding your body and where the pain is coming from is important in your recovery.

At Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy we focus on ensuring you are empowered with information to assist in understanding how you can recover.


Does your pain come from poor posture?


Dry needling, also called Western Acupuncture is an effective way of assisting your body in pain management and rehabilitation.

At Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy - Alan Coutts, Rahul Nanda and Karin Stepputtis all are qualified in Dry Needling.


Are you recovering from surgery and want to find the best road to recovery?


Clinical Pilates is a great way  to strengthen and help your body rehabilitate.

The personal care of an individual program to get you back on track.....this means your own needs are taken into


Do you suffer from neck pain?

Come to Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy to find relief.

Here at Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy Alan Coutts, Fiona Coutts, Rahul Nanda and Karin Stepputtis offer expert care and treatment of back pain and the management of chronic back pain.


Christies Beach Manipulative Physiotherapy are experts in manipulative therapy.

expert-rehabiliationExpert rehabilitation starts with the right physiotherapist.


Kinesiotaping is important in assisting your muscles and ligaments to retain shape and position both during exercise and during the course of your regular daily activities.